Bumper (Wild Fermented Pét Nat)

$22.12 CAD

Bumper  /  Wild Fermented Pét Nat
Revel Cider | 750ml | 6.9%

Bumper is a wild fermented, hand disgorged pét nat. Made in collaboration with Not Far From The Tree (NFFTT).

NFFTT rescues fruit from forgotten urban plantings in Toronto. Faced with a bumper crop in 2021, they asked Revel if they could use a few of their heritage apples.

The apples in Bumper were picked over multiple weeks from heritage museums and private homes across Toronto. After letting it wild ferment, it was bottled as a pét nat and aged in glass for 11 months.

Finally, almost a year later, they hand disgorged each bottle to remove the sediment.

Bumper drinks like the finest French cidre, without residual sugar. It smells like papaya, apple skins, guava and orchard leaves in all the best ways.

Your first sip starts with delightfully small, Champagne-like bubbles. It tastes leafy, with a side of juicy white tropical fruits. And it finishes with a hint of farmyard funk, the signature of our native microflora.

It’s worth saving for special friends, but priced to open on a Tuesday.