Chmelová Brigáda (Hoppy Czech Lager)

$6.64 CAD

Chmelová Brigáda /  Hoppy Czech Lager
Godspeed Brewery | 355ml | 6.2%

In Czechia, picking hops isn’t just a part of local agriculture, it is a rite of passage. Under Communism, Czechs in every high school and university were sorted into "hop brigades" each summer, where they helped farmers tend and pick their immaculate crops of Saaz in Žatec.

Godspeed's brewmaster returned from his recent journey in Czechia with a new hop variety that's slowly taking root in Bohemian fields: Saaz Shine. Using this new hop, our Hoppy Czech Lager was double dry-hopped to accentuate floral, lemon citrus, and tantalizing spice notes.