Keg Deals & Kick Backs (Pale Ale w/ Citra, Cryosimcoe, Cashmere & Motueka)

$7.08 CAD

Keg Deals & Kick Backs  /  Pale Ale w/ Citra, Cryosimcoe, Cashmere, Motueka
Blood Brothers Brewing | 355ml | 5.5%

Another experimental series from the Blood Brothers creative laboratory, Keg Deals and Kickbacks is continually pushing the envelope of what is possible with a pale ale recipe format.

This is where they get excited about the full potential of non-intuitive hops and malt pairings, a sort of proving ground of flavour possibilities farther out on the margins of the brewing industry palate. Be prepared for flavour profiles of the future and delightful surprises.

This recipe builds pine, apricot & citrus hop notes over a medium dry full body and the result is a pretty stellar beer, if we may be so humble.