Oud Blanc (Skin Contact Riesling, 2021 Perry, 2021 Cider Blend)

$22.12 CAD

Oud Blanc  /  Skin Contact Riesling, 2021 Perry, 2021 Cider Blend
Revel Cider | 750ml | 7.1%

Blending in the cidery is like capturing an ecosystem in time - each vintage of fruit expressing itself a little differently. Each bottle is a curation of nature itself.

One of Revel's earliest creations, Oud Blanc, is a blend of skin contact Riesling (40%), 2021 perry (20%) and 2021 cider (40%).

It smells like pineapple liqueur, alphonso mango juice, and pear drop candies. It has a distinct perceptual sweetness, like the ripest peach of the season. The orange wine tannins are present, but not over the top; they counterbalance the perceived sweetness with a little kiss on the finish.

Oud Blanc has the psychological essence of sipping nice things on a hot beach. Distinct from past vintages, but far more representative of Revel's ability to guide and preserve their wild fermentations in a much tastier way.