Picture This (Perry, Vidal, Riesling Blend)

$23.89 CAD

Picture This  /  Perry, Vidal, Riesling Blend
Revel Cider | 750ml | 8.4%

Picture This is a blend of pears, Vidal and Riesling. The perry and Vidal portions were barrel aged for added texture.

Each grape was skin fermented, lending the blend aroma memories of apricot iced tea. It drinks like a delicate sparkling white, with so much more depth. Think mangoes and coconut milk, but make it Champ*gne.

What's it like? Brutalist yet tender, it starts quite tropical (mango/pineapple) with underlying flavours of lemon peel, structured oak, and Thai basil. It finishes with a subtle red berry note that might just be a trick of our minds.

After laying in glass for 6 months, it's become something incredible. Drink now or cellar for years.

Wild fermented with our native microflora.