Soif Spritz (Strawberry & Cherry ACV Spritz)

$8.85 CAD

Soif Spritz  /  Strawberry & Cherry ACV Spritz
Revel Cider | 375ml | 3.2%

Soif Spritz is a blend of apples, strawberries, cherries and Zweigelt grapes, unpasteurized cider vinegar and mineral rich water.

It's a part of Revel's Wisp lineup - a series of low alcohol blends based on cocktails like the shrub. Soif Spritz is a low abv version of their bestselling bottle Soif. Think of it like a 'Soif piquette'.

The addition of cider vinegar and water from Revel's local aquifer has softened the berries, making them taste as if they put them through a lacto-fermentation first.

Soif Spritz is big strawberry in the aroma, with soft cherry and grape tannins on your tongue. It's plush and easy, the perfect summer crusher.