Whistling In The Dark (Vermouth Soda)

$7.52 CAD

Whistling In The Dark  /  Vermouth Soda
Revel Cider | 355ml | 3.5%

Revel made vermouth! And then they made vermouth soda.

The base for these cans was Whistling in the Dark - a red vermouth made with apples, cherries, blueberries and De Chaunac grapes that was barrel aged for a few months and blended with house-made soda water before going into these beautiful cans.

This drink has the following botanicals: Anise Hyssop, Yarrow, Roman Wormwood, Common Wormwood.

The aroma here is blueberries, cherry leaves, and anise with a touch of yarrow. The flavour is stewed berries with a slight sweetness from the fruit. A kiss of wormwood bitterness balances the soda, drying out your mouth in preparation for your next sip. We can't get enough of it.