Inspired by warm water, steady wind, clean surf, and cold beer, Pressure Drop is a shop, café, and bar offering clothing and accessories for men and women along with a selection of coffee, beer, wine, and snacks.

Now open at 1055 Drouillard Road
in Ford City, Windsor, Ontario.


Hi , it's Michael Weber and Marina Maffessanti and we own Pressure Drop! Pressure Drop is a boutique, café, and bar in Windsor, Ontario, inspired by our love for the timeless, carefree coastal lifestyles that we grew up with in the Great Lakes and the Caribbean.

We offer a selection of men's and women's clothing that works nicely for casual Fridays in the office, a meeting at your favourite coffee shop, or a night out with friends. We carry clothes for people to work in and quickly escape work in! 

Brands include Deus Ex Machina, Assembly Label, Banks Journal, RVLT, Richer Poorer and RVCA.

Our Name

Pressure Drop is a reference to low pressure weather systems that bring lots of wind and waves for sailors and surfers. 

It’s also the name of an iconic song by a Jamaican band called Toots and the Maytals, a subtle nod to our love for the Caribbean. Marina was born and raised in Jamaica and Mike frequently traveled there in his youth. 

Our Values

Be passionate about what you do, have a spirit of adventure, and live in the moment.