Arbeit (Hefeweizen)

$6.19 CAD

Arbeit  /  Hefeweizen
Godspeed Brewery | 355ml | 5.2%

Arbeit Hefeweizen is one of two collaboration beers Godspeed brewed with their good friend Michael Hancock. Hancock's storied brewing career takes root back in 1989 at Denison's Brewing Company, where he brewed Bavarian-style beers with class and distinction. His wheat beer in particular became world-renowned for its incredible flavour and fidelity to tradition. Michael then went on to help establish Sidelaunch, who continue to brew his prized recipes to this day.

Arbeit means "work" in German and after 40 years of brewing and engineering, no one encapsulates the word more. This wheat beer looks stunning in the glass. Cloudy straw yellow. Billowing white foam cap. Featuring vibrant notes of banana, clove, and freshly baked bread.