Beneath The Noise (Nitro Dry Stout)

$7.08 CAD

Beneath The Noise  /  Nitro Dry Stout
Merit Brewing | 355ml | 4.8%

Inspired by a classic, this Guinness-style stout, ultra smooth with notes of baker's chocolate, subtle nuttiness, and toasted bread - like nutella on toast! Light bodied and easy-drinking this is our keep-you-warm-all-day beer this fall + winter. All it needs is a shake and a hard pour!

Plus, scan the QR code on the can for BENEATH THE NOISE Mixtape 2: a staff-curated Spotify playlist with 48 tracks hand-picked by the MERIT team! Scan the can, smash the shuffle, and enjoy this wildly eclectic snapshot of what they're bumping at the brewery while you sip on this velvety dream of a beer.