Born Into This (Sour Ale w/ Lime, Salt, & Coriander)

$8.85 CAD

Born Into This /  Sour Ale w/ Lime, Salt, & Coriander
Third Moon Brewing Co. | 473ml | 5.2% 

"Born Into This" is a sour ale with lime, pink Himalayan salt, and coriander. This beer sums up summer drinking - super refreshing and crushable, adding sunshine to any session.

This is the first in a new line of fruited sour beers that Third Moon is bringing to life. These beers will stand apart from their Epoch slushies because the fruit is fermented and they are not kettle soured.

This inaugural version of Born Into This is their take on a margarita gose and is refreshingly tart with delicate amounts of salt and lime. Third Moon consciously brewed it to be approachable, refined and highly drinkable.