BUMO 8 (Merlot Frizzante Grape Ale)

$30.97 CAD

BUMO 8 /  Merlot Frizzante Grape Ale
Burdock Brewery | 750ml | 9.5%

BUMO 8 is bold and beautiful. Like the 6th BUMO - this edition definitely crosses the line (the wine line).

It’s drinking like powerful lambrusco; think blackberry, black raspberry, black currant, and dark chocolate chestnuts sizzlingly on an open fire pit in July. Deep purple bubbles bounce from the bottle and light tongue tickling tannins tango with a tornado of tantalizing tastes and textures.

Made from 1 year old barrel-aged sour beer rested on merlot rosé skins from Pearl Morissette winery in Jordan, ON. It was blended with 30% Niagara Cab Franc at bottling, was bottle conditioned and packaged in November of 2019.