BUMO 9 (Mixed-Fermentation Beer, Gamay Rosé Skins, Cab Franc)

$34.95 CAD

BUMO 9 /  Mixed-Fermentation Beer, Gamay Rosé Skins, Cab Franc
Burdock Brewery | 750ml | 11.8%

The 9th member of the BUMO Family. A collaboration with Pearl Morissette that's made from a single 600L demi-muid of mixed-fermentation beer, rested on a huge quantity of Gamay rosé skins, and blended with 49% Cab Franc at bottling.

BUMO 9 is JUICY. It’s big, rich, ripe, and drinks like Italian sparkling red wine.

This year’s BUMOs (9 & 10) are a kind of A-B test. Two beer-wines, done in a very similar fashion with one variable changed between the two: the type of Gamay grape skins. Want to try both? Once you're done here, check out BUMO 10.

We recommend serving these at around 10-12C, warmer than white wine but a little cooler then red wine. Pour a glass out of the fridge and see how it changes as it warms up!