Capo (Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Amaro Soft Drink)

$4.42 CAD
$3.10 CAD

Capo  /  Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Amaro Soft Drink
Casamara Club | 355ml | 0.0%

Refreshing, dry, and satisfying, Casamara Club makes botanical amaro club sodas with no alcohol and no nonsense. It's the world's most refreshing leisure soda.

Capo is a fresh, floral citrus spritz for taking it easy. Mandarin orange, fresh mint, and subtle wildflower notes from orange blossom honey make this a soothing crowd pleaser that pairs well with any meal.

real botanicals.
4g sugar, 15 calories.
no fake stuff means no low calorie sweeteners, and no "natural flavors."