Grandma (Foeder-Fermented Golden Sour Ale)

$14.16 CAD

Grandma  /  Foeder-Fermented Golden Sour Ale
Bellwoods Brewery | 500ml | 7.7%

Grandma's Boy was one of the very first beers Bellwoods aged in oak, and its (almost) yearly release is one that garners much excitement. This year they decided to switch things up and share the unfruited version, in all its sour/funky/crisp glory -- and named it, simply, Grandma.

The absence of fruit allows for more subtle flavours to shine through, showcasing the perfect intersection of acid, brett, oak, and a crisp, spritzy body.

Expect gentle acidity balanced by refined brett character accented by notes of green tea, bosc pear, and champagne.