Hoppelganger (Dry Hopped Pilsner)

$6.19 CAD

Hoppelganger  /  Dry Hopped Pilsner
Bandit Brewery | 355ml | 5.0%

Crisp and easy-drinking, this is Bandit's modern update on a classic old-world style.

Hoppelganger begins with a 100% pilsner malt base to give it a light body and bright straw hue. Notes of lychee, lemongrass, and subtle floral aromatics come from the addition of two New Zealand hops, Motueka and Pacifica. Fermentation with Ontario-based Escarpment Labs lager yeast grants a pleasantly dry finish and effervescent carbonation. All these elements combine to create a clean, refreshing brew that pairs as well with food as it does with good company.