Moon Grapes Grapefruit (Chardonnay Seltzer w/ Shredded Grapefruit Peel)

$7.08 CAD

Moon Grapes Grapefruit  /  Chardonnay Seltzer w/ Shredded Grapefruit Peel
Burdock Brewery | 355ml | 4.0%

Grape seltzer made with Chardonnay and a healthy heap of shredded grapefruit peel. Expect notes of pomelo popsicle, gaggles of grapefruit aroma and a whimsical white wine wavelength that will achieve your #1 objective: refreshment.

Great grapefruit aromatics + fruity (not floral) chardonnay character + clean seltzer base = a capital "E" Easy drinking beverage.