No Beer on a Dead Planet (Farmhouse Saison)

$15.93 CAD
No Beer on a Dead Planet  /  Farmhouse Saison
Half Hours on Earth | 750ml | 5.5%

This is the type of Saison that got Half Hours into Saisons. Noble hop aromatics, earthy, floral, hay, and spice. Pronounced bitterness, crisp, and dry. Notes of lemon, honey, pepper, and subtle Brettanomyces funk. Overall, an effervescent classic pale Saison.
FYI, barley, wheat, hops, etc require healthy, fertile soil and a stable climate to grow. Fertile soil is being lost at a rate of 24 billion tonnes a year from unsustainable agriculture. While climate change-induced weather patterns aren’t making it any easier for crop yields. So while the lack of beer will be the least of our worries in the coming decades, this beer is just a little reminder of that.