Onda (Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Amaro Soft Drink)

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Onda  /  Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Amaro Soft Drink
Casamara Club | 355ml | 0.0%

Refreshing, dry, and satisfying, Casamara Club makes botanical amaro club sodas with no alcohol and no nonsense. It's the world's most refreshing leisure soda.

Onda is a coastal spritz that's lush, earthy, and adventurous. Notes of candied lemon, woodsy sage, and breezy salinity pair well with crusty bread, seafood risotto, and salty and savory foods like prosciutto and fried chicken.

real botanicals
4g sugar, 15 calories
no fake stuff means no low calorie sweeteners, and no "natural flavors"