Ostara Dandelion (Apple Cider w/ Golden Plums & Dandelions)

$22.12 CAD

Ostara Dandelion  /  Apple Cider w/ Golden Plums & Dandelions
Revel Cider | 750ml | 6.6%

This version of Ostara was aged on Golden Plums for 8 months. To it, Revel added 100lbs of dandelions that they foraged on farms all within 50km of their cidery.

This cider has a shockingly intimate dandelion aroma - like if you made a pillow out of dandelions and stuck your face in it, this is what it would smell like.

Bright plant acids are tempered by a subtle sweetness and texture imparted by the pollen. With this vintage, you'll find an additional herbal depth, and slight tannin from the flowers.

Spontaneously fermented with our native microflora.