Pera (Pear Cider)

$22.12 CAD

Pera  /  Pear Cider
Revel Cider | 750ml | 4.0%

The team at Revel has been on a mission to make the perfect perry for nearly a decade now. (Perry = fermented pears aka 'pear cider' if you haven't heard the term before ☺️)

Bad perry is really bad, but great perry is incredible. Pera is incredible.

Pera is 100% Bartlett, and smells like a perfectly ripe pear — it's powerful and intoxicating. There's a fresh, floral note to it that's so specific to tree-ripened Bartlett. It drinks like cutting into a pear at its absolute prime.

Pera is one you truly have to taste to understand.