SUNKOOP II (Bière de Coupage w/ Passion Fruit)

$11.50 CAD

Sunkoop II  /  Bière de Coupage w/ Passion Fruit
Burdock Brewery | 375ml | 5.5%

The second release from Burdock's Biére-de-Coupage series. BDC are blended beers of barrel aged and fresh beer components (old + new = realnice).

This batch is a blend 70% dry-hopped beer fermented in stainless steel and 30% 1 year old barrel aged mixed-fermentation sour beer (aged in neutral oak) with passion fruit.

Zippy acidity, tropical fruit juicy, a harmonious blend of old and young beers. We love this series because it gives us a chance to flex our blending muscles.