The Spot You Told Me About (Foraged Vermouth Soda)

$7.52 CAD

The Spot You Told Me About  /  Foraged Vermouth Soda
Revel Cider | 355ml | 4.4%

Revel made apple vermouth! And then they made vermouth soda.

The base for these cans was a sweet vermouth made with pears, apples, and blue plums. After making the sweet vermouth Revel blended it with some house made soda water and let it ferment again before putting into these beautiful cans. These cans have zero residual sugar.

The Spot You Told Me About is made with foraged apple blossoms, wild lemon ginger, blue, red and Norway spruce tips, and white pine shoots. Organic lemon thyme was added as a garnish just before putting it into cans to bump up the acidity.

It's a low ABV, tart little thing coming in at 4.4%. It's quite tart, beautifully floral, and dry as a bone.