Then 20/21 (Cab Franc Skin and Vine Saison)

$22.12 CAD

Then 20/21  /  Cab Franc Skin and Vine Saison
Merit Brewing | 750ml | 6.4%

This latest hybrid is fermented on 2020 Cab Franc grape skins from Rosewood Winery and brewed with pilsner malt smoked on the vines. Fieldberry, plum, and sweet wine tannins play to a crowd of strawberry fields forever with a gently tart zap of field berry, light elderflower, and honeysuckle, finishing with a beautiful tannic dryness. It’s a rosé, a baby wine – it’s a cab franc saison!

Piquette-esque in it's easy-drinking and bright strawberry/cherry presentation. As it warms in the glass a whiff of tannin and subtle (like, very subtle) smoke.